The man acquitted of killing his wife's lover is back at home instead of behind bars.
"I feel great, really great. I think the system worked the way it should, said Ralph Wald as he answered the door to his home, the same one where he admitted to killing Walter Conley.
He also added he and his wife are doing fine.
It was a dramatic two days for the 71 year old, who was on trial facing 2nd-degree murder charges. He called 911 in March to report he shot a man he caught "fornicating" with his wife at their home.
The war veteran and former lawyer told jurors he believed she was being raped. They believed him.
Wald wanted to spend the day inside his home getting reacquainted with his wife. She had plans for him to take her to Waffle House, their favorite restaurant.
On Saturday, he will open his doors to the media to answer questions about the killing, the trial, and he and his wife's relationship.