An Orange County deputy was arrested for DUI late Sunday night after he rear-ended another car. 

The Florida Highway Patrol said Deputy Kevin Meyer was in uniform driving an unmarked sheriff's office truck.

The incident happened on Winter Garden Vineland Road in the area of Lake Butler Drive.

According to a Florida Highway Patrol report, Deputy Kevin Meyer, 50, drove up behind a woman in an unmarked sheriff's office truck, with emergency lights on. The woman told FHP she slowed down, but then Meyer rear-ended her.

FHP troopers said when they reported to the crash site, they could smell alcohol on Meyer's breath, his eyes appeared bloodshot, and he refused to submit to a breathalyzer test.

The woman told troopers that, "Meyer approached her vehicle and began making odd statements."

Troopers said they found a plastic Powerade bottle containing a pink colored liquid, which smelled as if it contained alcohol in the unmarked police vehicle.

The sheriff's office said Meyer was off-duty at the time, even though he was still in uniform.

Meyer was arrested after refusing field sobriety and breathalyzer tests.

According to Orange County sheriff records, this was not the first accident that Sgt. Meyer has been involved in while driving a patrol vehicle.

In 2006, he received a verbal reprimand for losing control of the vehicle and causing an unknown amount of damage.

In his DUI arrest on Sunday, Meyer said he crashed into the woman’s vehicle because he was reaching for something in the glove compartment when he lost control of the vehicle.

Sgt. Meyer was placed on administrative duty while the investigation continues.