Tire marks lead to damage at Tropical Plumeria Garden Nursey in Lakeland. It’s all too familiar for owners Ralph and Petra Davis.

"This morning they hit the school sign and just went through our fence and took out the newly planted shrubberies we had planted along here," said Davis.

Ralph Davis says this is the 8th time a crash at the curve on Schoolhouse Road has led to problems for their nursery.  Another driver lost control back in 2007, and last year a driver caused thousands of dollars of repairs.

They'd like to see county officials take action.

"Something needs to be done, and a good first step would be putting in a flashing light warning people of the curve," said Davis.

Polk County’s transportation division PIO Bill Skelton says there are currently ‘Curve Ahead’ signs at both ends of the curve. Skelton says they will evaluate the area to determine if flashing signs are necessary.

With a school nearby, Davis worries more than their nursery could be affected next time.

"Somebody's going to lose control and come speeding through here, and somebody's going to get hurt," said Davis.

Polk County deputies are investigating this latest incident. 

The crash happened sometime Thursday night or Friday morning, and there is no vehicle description at this time.