A 25-year-old woman faces child neglect charges after posting a photo on social media that showed her dangling her baby over an apartment balcony, 12 feet off the ground.

Friends of Aisha Jean Clark called Tampa police on Tuesday after spotting the photo on Instagram.

Police said when they arrived at her apartment on Nuccio Parkway, they asked Clark if she knew why they were there.

They said she laughed and went inside the apartment to get her iPad, pulled up her Instagram account, and showed them the picture.

Police then arrested Clark and she allegedly told them, “I was mad and I was making a point. I can do what I want with my baby. Nobody can stop me.”

In the criminal report, an officer concluded, “This single act would reasonably be expected to have resulted in serious physical injury or substantial risk of death to the infant.”

Clark and her baby were wearing the same clothes as they were in the photo.

When asked outside the jail if she dangled her child, she responded by saying, “If you all don't get out of my face...You need to get out of my face.”

When asked about being charged with child neglect of her own child, she said, “I don't care, you get out of my face.”

When asked why she would take the picture, she repeated the same answer.

Finally, when asked if she had nothing to say, Clark said, “Boy, you're lucky you're on camera because I will snap on you.”

She then walked back inside the jail.

Her neighbor and long-time friend said she made a mistake. He asked his name not be used.

"She just made a mistake, man. She just made a big mistake. She didn't know it was going to get her in trouble like this," he said.

He said that he saw that picture himself and the friends who saw it and then called police are just blowing this situation out of proportion.

"She's not a bad mother,” he said. “She watch my kids so she's not a bad mother."

John said that Clark often watches his two young children.

"Her being a bad mother?” asked John. “No. Her doing what she did? She did it. She just made a mistake."

Clark was previously arrested twice for battery.