Bicyclists on a popular trail experienced a rough ride on Sunday afternoon after someone littered tacks on the pavement.

Tampa police are investigating an incident where they believe someone intentionally scattered tacks across the entire stretch of the Courtney Campbell Causeway.

Cyclist Scott Greenwood got four tacks stuck in his bike tires.

"I usually travel with two tubes and I helped out one of my fellow riders with a tube so that left me with one,” said Greenwood. “Now I’m basically incapacitated because I can't fix both."

More than a dozen cyclists ran over the tacks.

Greenwood said he's lucky he wasn't injured.

"It’s unfortunate,” said Greenwood. “Somebody's going to get hurt especially with this nice bridge here, you could build up a little speed going down each side and I’d hate to have a flat tire during that because that could be pretty bad."

Greenwood called for a ride home while others made the long walk.

All of them are hoping whoever did it, won't do it again and police find the person or people responsible.

"It’s a great trail I just hope they can figure out what's going on here so we can continue to enjoy it,” said Greenwood. “It's a nice ride."

The bridge that runs alongside the main causeway opened for pedestrians and cyclists back in September.

Before it opened, cyclists had to use two-foot shoulders on the main bridge.