It's possible that this isn't the first run-in that 71-year-old Curtis Reeves has had with someone over texting during a movie.

The retired police captain is accused of fatally shooting a man at the Cobb Grove 16 movie theater in Wesley Chapel on Monday.

Jamira and Michael Dixson, a Pasco County couple, claims in late December, they encountered Reeves at the same movie theater and had an eerily similar experience.

Jamira was texting on her phone as the movie started when she said a man sitting near her became enraged.

"He made it very apparent that he wanted me and my husband to know that he complained because he sat there and he talked to the staff and pointed and was irate and irritated about the situation,” she said.

Jamira said she was driving when she saw news reports about Monday's shooting. She said she recognized Reeves immediately and claims it's the same man.

"I had to pull over the car because (long pause) it could have been us,” she said.

Jamira said Reeves seemed irritated during the entire movie, complaining about another person texting and kids kicking his seat. Her husband said he thought about confronting Reeves.

"During the movie she (Reeve’s wife) got a phone call and we looked over and we're like "you're telling us and everybody else to put the phones away but your wife's getting a phone call and it's ringing loud,” said Michael.

The Dixsons say even after the movie ended, they still felt uncomfortable.

"As I’m outside his wife goes to arm in arm with him and walk out. He is still so irritated that he goes like this to her (swinging motion) and storms out of the theatre,” he said.

The Dixsons say they have contacted law enforcement to tell them about the encounter.