A Safety Harbor girl’s dream of helping a little boy who is recovering from a brain injury became a reality this weekend.

Madison Jayanna is a published author at the age of 7 she has fans, and her book is making money. Most importantly, though, she’s using her caring spirit to help a boy in need.

Madison read to a group of fans in Georgia this past weekend. Next to her was Tripp Halstead, the little boy who suffered a traumatic brain injury more than a year ago.

Madison heard his story so she decided to write her own. Now she’s sold more than 1,200 books.

This past weekend Madison and her parents hit the road and delivered a $6,000 check to Tripp’s mom Stacey at a book signing in Georgia.

“(I said), 'Hi Tripp,' and I got to hold his hand,” Madison said.

Madison’s kindness overwhelmed Tripp’s mom, Stacey.

“It’s very, very sweet and we appreciate it very much and we’ll keep it forever,” she said.

Madison’s effort also inspired her parents to start a non-profit charity.

“It’s just totally amazing to be, like, her mother and seeing what she’s capable of doing, like she really cares and this is her dream,” said Justine Jayanna, Madison’s mom.

Madison’s work has fans stopping by her Safety Harbor home to congratulate her and pick up copies of the book.

Madison’s parent’s foundation is called “Giving Foundation for Children.” They’re working with USF Health to help fund traumatic brain injury research.