A suspected burglar found himself staring at the barrel of a gun early Wednesday in a St. Petersburg home.

According to the St. Petersburg Police Department, homeowner Joseph Cihak awoke to go to the bathroom at 4:30 a.m. when he heard noises in his Westwood Terrace North home in St. Petersburg.

Police said Cihak, who armed himself, walked into his living room to find Bryan Remley, 25, going through Cihak's belongings. Cihak said he was armed because his home had been broken into on August 28.

Cihak said when Remley saw him, he started to run in his direction. Hearing a commotion, Cihak's wife Colleen called 911.

Officials said Cihak fired two shots, missing the intruder. Cihak's gun jammed and he ran to get a second gun.

Remley then ran towards the kitchen to try to get out of the house, but he was unable to escape, police said. When Cihak got to the kitchen, he found Remley lying on the floor.

Remley asked Cihak to let him go, saying he would come back and mow the lawn.

Cihak held him at gunpoint until police arrived. There were no injuries reported.

Police found a knife on Remley, who has been charged with armed residential burglary and violation of probation, and an outstanding warrant from Seminole County from petit theft.

Cihak said he and his wife have a plan to be armed with a gun whenever they get up in the middle of the night.