A Bradenton mother and her one-year-old daughter are lucky to be alive after investigators say an angry driver shot at their car.

The bullet holes are just inches away from one-year-old Leola’s car seat. Her mother, Amanda Frey, is dazed and confused after she says a driver fired shots at her car Friday morning.

“It didn’t even register to me that it was even gunshots until I smelled it,” Frey said.

Thankfully she and her baby weren’t hit. But one of the bullets is still lodged in the door and you can still hear it rattling inside.

Frey says it all started in the parking lot at the Labor Ready employment center in Bradenton.

She says a man parked illegally attacked her out of nowhere.

“He wasn’t even in his car when I was reversing at the time,” she said. “He jumped in his car and pulled into a spot to get next to me and he was mouthing so I rolled my window down about three inches to hear what he had to say.”

Frey said the man yelled racial slurs and then flipped out, firing three shots at her as she pulled away.

One of the bullets hit her little boy’s backpack and her little girl’s pants that were hanging in the trunk.

So was this road rage or racially-motivated?

Frey says she believes the Southern Confederate sticker on her windshield may have provoked the attack. She says now she plans to take it down. But in the meantime she’s just thankful she and her baby made it out alive.

“That’s the thing I was, you know, most, I don’t know, excited, happy, relieved that I had my baby because I almost lost her,” Frey said.

As for the shooter, investigators won’t have to look far. Sources say he worked jobs for Labor Ready and was headed to a job just before the shooting happened. And his information was handed over to authorities.