An Air Force veteran hit by a vehicle while riding his bike is thanking a complete stranger for saving his life.

The evening of September 15 was like any other day for Jason Pool. He was riding his bicycle along Gandy Boulevard, excited to get home to his son.

But Jason’s trip was interrupted when a driver hit him on the east side of Brighton Bay Boulevard while he was riding in the bicycle lane.

A number of drivers continued on their travel, but one driver, Javel Kenty-Montgomery, who was on her way to class at St. Leo university, stopped to see what was going on after she saw something fly into the air.

“As I got closer I realized it was a body,” said Javel. “What I saw wasn't a jacket or bag, it was a body that went up in the air."

A few drivers stopped, but only to take pictures of Jason. The driver who hit the veteran sped off and Javel, who is also a veteran and is six months pregnant, stayed until help arrived.

“No one even helped me to kneel down,” said Javel. “They were like ‘no, no don't touch him, he's a bum.’"

Javel administered CPR as Jason kept losing consciousness. She says the only words he muttered were about his son who was waiting for him at home.

"I didn't want him to die and if he did die, I didn't want him to die alone," said Javel.

Weeks later, Jason’s wounds have healed and he finally got the chance to thank Javel for stopping and saving his life.

"I don't know what I could ever do to repay the debt because it's phenomenal,” said Jason. “She's really an angel."