Santa wasn't the only one making deliveries Christmas morning.

Letter carriers for the United States Postal Service made last-minute package delivers across the nation to help ensure a bountiful Christmas for everyone.

Earnest Winston started working for the USPS a little more than a year ago. He said it’s the only job where he can make people smile year-round.

“Just seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they get the gift that they didn’t think they were going to get and to know I had a part in that, it makes me feel good,” Winston said.

Donned in a Santa’s hat, Winston delivered packages around St. Petersburg Christmas morning. He said these packages are able to bring loved ones closer together, despite the distances that may separate them.

“I can help somebody out that couldn’t do it themselves,” he said. “Because they live far away or got snowed in.”

Post Office workers only delivered packages Christmas morning, not regular mail.