It was a night for local businesses to shine in Tampa.

On Thursday night, 33 businesses from the Bay area showed up at the Tampa Convention Center for this year's Bright House Regional Business Awards.  

Save on Medical came away with this year's Best Start Up Company.

Owners Chris Christenderry and Matt Schneider said they were excited to be the winners.

"Honored to have the opportunity to make the pitch and be a part of this," said Christenderry. "I'm really excited."

"We want to educate patients that they have the opportunity to shop for different procedures," Schneider said. "This whole thing has been fantastic. The exposure that we've gotten through Bright House network and just the opportunity to get in front of people in the bay area has just been fantastic."

Bright House Networks awarded prizes totaling over $1 million, including commercial TV production, airtime, customer newsletters, and cash.

Here is a list of the winners:


  • Save on Medical


  • 1st Spring Engineering, Inc.
  • 2nd Nationwide Appraisal Network
  • 3rd Nitro Mobile Solutions


  • 1st Fintech
  • 2nd Doctors Administrative Solutions
  • 3rd LumaStream, Inc.


  • 1st Kobie Marketing, Inc.
  • 2nd Geographic Solutions, Inc.
  • 3rd Bankers Insurance Group, Inc.


  • Qgiv