Largo Police have received a grant from the Florida Department of Transportation to help reduce pedestrian deaths. The police department is using the money for a High Visibility Enforcement program.

Officers are working in teams to focus on intersections with the highest number of violations involving drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists.

"I've done many years of traffic homicide investigations and the one thing that's always bothered me is watching people die for actions that could have been prevented," said Sgt. George Edmiston.

Police said people ignoring the crosswalks, riding bikes without lights, drivers making improper turns and jay walking are the types of things they're trying to prevent.

"Just us being present out here changes the behavior of motorists but also the pedestrians. They will tell you specifically, "I saw you standing there" or "I saw you parked there and that's why I used the crosswalk"," said Sgt. Edmiston.

Pedestrians said they're happy to see the increased enforcement.

"Daylight is the best time to walk but I work in a restaurant so at night when I have to cross these streets and night and I wear all black it's Hail Mary and run," said Hillary Hughes.

Police said people who break the rules may be ticketed.They are also handing out safety vests, bike lights and educational brochures to help people understand traffic rules.