A new nonprofit is set to help veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. It hopes to reach veterans from all over the country and it’s nestled in Dade City.

Tice Ridley, a retired veteran, bought a 10-acre ranch at the end of last year and began working on the non-profit, The Circle of Veterans.

Ridley designed a 7-day rehabilitation retreat where doctors will diagnose and treat veterans and their families while creating personal regimens for the week. It will include non-traditional holistic approaches like rapid resolution therapy, equine therapy, and yoga.

They are approaches that Ridley says are a more positive way to deal with PTSD -- a disorder he and his family deal with themselves. That’s why they decided to create a program for the entire family.

“The program is centered around the family, we have kids therapy, play therapy, animal therapy, we’ve got groups for the spouses, groups for the service members, so our program is all encompassing for family healing,” Ridley said.

Services will also be available off-site that include a jobs program and acupuncture.

Circle of Veterans will begin taking its first clients this week. It is also looking for volunteers to help around the ranch.

The non-profit takes all forms of insurance as well as VA referrals.