Charges have been dropped against an injured Iraq war veteran who was arrested after being accused of growing medical marijuana.

Mathew Young was charged with cultivation after Pasco County deputies said they found plants in his home.

Young said a Jacksonville attorney gave him paperwork and false information that using medical marijuana was allowed.

"I really to this day don't believe I did anything wrong," Young said.

He said the cannabis gave him relief from a slew of medical problems he's had since returning from combat.

"It wasn't until I tried cannabis that everything turned around," Young said. "I could start functioning and start having a day. You have to have a day before you can start a life."

The State Attorney's Office decided to drop the charge against Young saying he is "a cooperating witness in an on-going investigation."

Young's attorney, Steve Gearhart, calls it "justice."

"Once I came on the case back in April, it was just getting the dialogue open with the state attorney, providing them with information we had and working with them toward a common goal," said Gearhart.  

Young said his goal now is to get better. He said his condition has gotten worse since he stopped using the medical marijuana.

"The reality and the prognosis is not all that positive for me," he said. "In 8 months, I'm back in a wheelchair. Where am I going to be in 12 months?"

Young said he'd like to move to a state where medical marijuana is legal but his legal bills here have made that impossible.

He is trying to get back some of the money he spent on his previous attorney.