After moving to Florida in May, Pamela and Harry Davis have been forced out of their home.

“We’re here two months and we’re completely flooded out,” Pamela said.

Pamela and her husband moved to the area from New Jersey to be closer to family. Their home at the Suncoast Gateway Mobile Village flooded so badly their floors started bubbling. Water had pushed its way in from underneath the mobile home.

Their baseboards are speckled with dirt and mildew. Pictures and other items are placed on high ground, away from the wet floor. The soft walls and warped floor are the least of their worries, though.

“My husband has COPD and emphysema,” Pamela said. “He’s on oxygen and he cannot go inside the house because it’s like a steam bath in there.”

The air conditioning doesn’t work and the home is sticky and humid.

“I only have 30 percent of my lung working, so I can’t take all that,” Harry said.

The couple has stayed in a hotel since Monday and will likely have to stay through the weekend. The floors need to be replaced, the mold taken care of and the air conditioner fixed before Harry could safely move back in.

They don’t know when that will be, or how they will afford it.

“This is no way for people to live,” Pamela said. “Suncoast, the county (Pasco), whoever, is responsible and needs to do something now before it happens again.”

Harry, though, has a plan.

“One way ticket to New Jersey!” he said. “Don’t let my wife hear that.”