You may have had Himalayan or Dead Sea Salt before, but what about salt from the waters of Anna Maria Island?

A local man has created a business from the salty water. And in just two and a half short months, his flavorful product is selling out fast.

Every day Tim Norwood walks into the water of Anna Maria Island with five gallon buckets by his side and scoops up the salty ocean water. He takes it home and transforms it into pure, organic Anna Maria Island sea salt.

“From this five gallon bucket, I’ll produce just about one pound of salt,” said Norwood.

Less than three months ago, the mechanical engineer used his chemistry background to design a top secret method to make and manufacture sea salt.  

“I’m loving it! I’m having a ball!” said Norwood. 

The salt comes in a variety of flavors from Anna Maria Island to Organic Cherry Smoked. 

“I cherry smoke some of the salt and I use different apple wood and cherry wood,” said Norwood.  

There is coffee flavored, where the salt is infused with fresh locally ground coffee and there is one of his most popular, pinot noir. Norwood recommends putting it on pork, salad and his favorite, on chocolate cake.  

Norwood’s salts are already being sold in 14 Bay Area stores including Island Fresh Market on Holmes Beach. Owner Nancy Feely says it sells out fast. 

“Oh, it’s been a boomer! I mean especially over the holidays people were buying three and four packs. I could barely even keep it in stock,” said Feely. 

Kentucky tourist Shayne Stratton says she can’t wait to bring some home. 

“It’s really good! And we don’t have this sort of stuff where I come from,” said Stratton. 

Norwood is confident soon he will be able to sell the Anna Maria salt all over the world. 

“I think is the best sea salt in the United States. In fact I’ll put it up against any other sea salt in the United States and the world,” said Norwood. 

Norwood’s sea salts are not just for eating.  He also makes body scrubs that are made with the Anna Maria salt, coconut oil, and lemon.  

For more information on where you can purchase the salt you can visit