Locals from a variety of religions got together in Dunedin Sunday. The purpose? To promote peace and good will among their congregations.

  •  A hundred people joined local religion leaders Sunday
  • Group 'walked for peace' in the hopes of promoting understanding
  • Along the way they stopped at three religious sanctuaries

The day began at Hammock Park, where more than a hundred people walked the 3.6 mile trail stopping at different places of worship.

The route included stopping at Msjid al Salaam, Taoist Tai Chi and Church of the Good Shepherd.

Along the way leaders from each faith spoke about what it means to bring people together.

"We don't believe the same things, we have different opinions on so many issues, but we have a lot in common, too," said Pastor Becky Robbins-Penniman.

Walking side-by-side, people from different religions joined together.

"There's so much discussion today about what divides us," said Rabbi Danielle Upbin. "When we talk about 'one nation under God,' I’d like to feel that we're one nation and that we have shared values. That we want to put forth to the next generation."

Sunday's walk was the first walk of its kind in the area, but many walkers say they hope the friendships will last. The walk lasted for about two hours.