A would-be-robber was shot dead at a Pasco County restaurant Thursday afternoon. 

  • Would-be-robber fatally shot at BBQ stand in Pasco
  • Officials said it was in self-defense
  • A 6-8 inch silver spike was found on the suspect

Officials said the owner of Jordan's BBQ shot and killed a man attempting to rob the restaurant. They say it was in self-defense. 

"This is a case of self-defense," said Sheriff Chris Nocco. 

The father of the owner told officials he thought the man was asking for a job when he walked up to the BBQ stand, but instead he yelled at everyone to hand over their money. 

The owner then pulled out a gun and shot the man after his dad spotted the man hiding a weapon. 

Sheriff Nocco said detectives found a 6-8 inch silver spike on the suspect. 

"Put yourself in the shoes of this family who has a small business. They're working hard trying to keep their family going and everyday they come out here and they put a lot of sweat and equity into keeping the family business. And this individual is going to aggressively come at them? Sounds like it's an attempted robbery," Sheriff Nocco said. 

Investigators are still trying to identify the man.