A 7-year-old boy went on a shopping spree Friday. Not for himself, but for children in need. 

Noah Vinot carried a list all throughout Walmart Friday, checking each item. 

  • A 7-year-old is showing the true meaning of Christmas
  • Instead of getting gifts, he's giving them to kids in need
  • Noah raised over $500 to spend on gifts for other kids

“I've got blankets, pillows, socks, jackets, stuffed animals, gloves," he said.

He was buying items for children he doesn’t know. “I would like a bunch of pillows," Noah said to a Walmart employee. 

He looked for 36 of each item for 36 children that don’t have a home, and he used money he raised himself. 

“I used all of my birthday money which was $82," Noah said.

Noah didn't stop there. He held a carnival fundraiser and raised over $500 -- money that was matched by Walmart. 

He went through the store searching for and gathering what he calls "warm and cozy things" he feels the children need. 

“Because it is coming close to winter and winter means that it's going to be very very cold," Noah explained. 

He piled items so high he could barely see over the shopping carts. "I can't see anything but pillows," said Noah, trying to navigate.

This is the second year Noah has given up his birthday presents for other children. He even threw a food drive in May. 

“It's about God's word," said Noah. Those words from a 7-year-old with a big heart and big eyes. Noah was able to fill five carts full of gifts for other children. 

“The last thing I want to do is gloves," said Noah as he picked out his favorites, being sure to get the correct number of gloves for boys, girls, and infants. 

“It just warms my heart that someone so small is so absolutely selfless," said Noah’s mom, Kendell Vinot. Noah didn’t even ask for a thing for himself. 

Noah will be donating all the gifts he bought to 36 Pasco County school children.

If you would like to donate to Noah's cause, CLICK HERE