A Brandon golf range is giving new meaning to the phrase "swing state."

  • Golfers take 'shots' at candidates
  • Signs will stay on the range until the November election

Ace Golf Range and Pro Shop has put up giant headshots of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as targets on their driving range.

"What we are trying to do is get more and more guests to come out here and let off that steam, especially with everything leading in up to November,” General Manager Robert Klapka said.

So who are you supposed to aim for? The candidate you like? The one you don’t?

That’s totally up to you.

“I would say aim at who they don’t like,” golfer Jimbo Sparks said. “But Hillary is at a worse angle over there."

In the spirit of political correctness, Clinton is on the left of the range and Trump is on the right.

Some golfers are abandoning their political preferences and just having fun.

"The reason why I chose 'The Donald,' because he will make my shot great again,” joked golfer Courtney Kennedy.

The banners are about 100 yards down the range, but the distance isn’t what makes hitting the targets challenging.

"They’re low in trajectory so you have to hit a lower, flatter shot to try and hit them,” Sparks said.

"I am having a hard time right now, so I will have to draw in [Trump’s] most famous quotes,” Kennedy said. “I will probably have to think of putting a wall between me and him and get over the wall."

Golfers said no matter who they are voting for, it’s still good target practice.

“It’s kind of like winning the lottery for some people when they actually do hit it because most of the time, nine out of ten aren’t touching that thing out there, unfortunately. But that’s why they’re out there, so they can practice their target on surface area to hit,” Klapka said.

The targets will stay on the range until the November election.