A rough railroad crossing is one of several issues the city of Safety Harbor is facing.

Warren Stovall, an active cyclist who rides several miles and routes each day, said he's not a fan of the crossing on State Road 590 just south of Curlew Road.

There is a huge gap between the rails and the asphalt. Bike tires can easily get stuck, and the tracks are rough.

"I've contacted the city of Safety Harbor multiple times. They sent me to the Department of Transportation," Stovall said. "I've contacted them. They send you to CSX because it's CSX's responsibility. CSX is a dark hole."

City commissioner Scott Long has been on the receiving end of Stovall's letters and understands his frustration.

"As a city commissioner, my job is to help the citizens that want help and to the degree that I can help them, I do everything I can," Long said.

"But when you're dealing with an organization like CSX that really, honestly doesn't want to hear from us, we end up as commissioners not having very much more power than the citizens that are asking for our help."

Long said another problem area is the intersection of Railroad Avenue and 9th Avenue North, just across from the Public Works complex.

He said the crossing has no beam and no lights.

The city has been asking CSX help for six years. Real Time Traffic Expert Chuck Henson said a meeting is now scheduled between the city and CSX for the middle of this month.

Hopefully, help is on the way.