St. Petersburg Police have arrested and charged two people in a death investigation from December 2016. 

Taylor McAllister, 22, was found dead in an alley behind 2101 63 Avenue South on Dec. 22, 2016. 

After a yearlong investigation, detectives arrested Robert Butler, 52, and Deonte Baker, 35, in the case. Quran Archer, 25, has also been charged but not taken into custody. Police said the charged was referred to the state attorney's office. 

During the investigation, Baker and Archer admitted to picking up a barely conscious McAllister at Butler's home in Palm Harbor on Dec. 22, 2016. According to police, the victim died shortly after the two left, so they left her body in the alley. 

Butler has been charged with felony possession of marijuana, failure to report a death, and felon in possession of ammunition. 

Deonte Baker is charged with failure to report a death and money laundering. 

Quran Archer is charged with failure to report a death. 

Two other people were also charged with money laundering, related to the case. 

Police said other arrests are pending and the investigation is still ongoing. 

No information on the cause of McAllister's death has been released.