A road rage incident Tuesday afternoon left one man needing stitches, and he said it’s all because of his Trump bumper sticker.

  • Incident occurred on 66th Street in Kenneth City
  • Gregg Dunay said other driver cursed at him for Trump bumper sticker
  • Dunay said other driver tried to run him off the road, punched him

The incident occurred on 66th St. in Kenneth City. The victim, Gregg Dunay, told us his proud support of President Donald Trump -- he has a Trump/Pence flag hanging in the back window of his van -- apparently did not sit well with a fellow driver.

“I was trying to go straight at first, but then I decided to go left," said Dunay, describing the start of the encounter. "I asked [the other driver] if I had my blinker on could I go in front of you.”

“Then he rolled down his window, he started cursing at me and said I’m not letting anyone with a Trump sticker in front of me.”

According to Dunay, the situation only escalated from there.

“I was like, 'okay,' but when he cut me off on the road, that’s when I was like, 'That’s the reason President Trump has taken control of this country!'”

Dunay believes that response provoked the other driver to get out of his car and physically attack.

“I was stopped at the light, listening to music. I had the window down,” said Dunay. “Out of the corner of my eye I saw something -- real flash of light -- and I turned and I had my sunglasses on and he punched me right in the eye. Knocked my glasses out, broke the glasses and I was in the middle lane so I couldn’t react.”

Dunay said he was left bloodied as that angry driver took off, running across five lanes of traffic into the RaceTrac gas station on 66th Street and 46th Avenue, where he had parked. Now Dunay wants help tracking that driver down.

He said the man was driving a black newer model Volkswagen Passat with a Florida license plate and dark, tinted windows. If you have any information, contact Kenneth City Police at (727) 498-8941.