Residents in one of the fastest growing parts of Manatee County are finding it tougher to safely pull out of their neighborhood.

Michael Cairo and his wife moved into the Greyhawk Landing community a decade ago, and in that time the growth has been incredible. New communities are popping up all along State Road 64 east of Interstate 75.

"The traffic has just increased exponentially," Cairo said. "When we first moved here, State Road 64 was a two-lane highway both ways all the way out to Myakka and all the way past the interstate."

People who live in the area have more lanes and more traffic to manage, and it's not going to get better soon. There are hundreds of new homes planned for the area.

Any opening in the traffic allows cars to get to the middle, then they stack up waiting for the next small chance to finish the turn.

Cairo said it can be 20 to 30 minutes in line just to leave the neighborhood.

"There's got to be something put in place to put a break in the traffic to allow these communities to exit safely on to State Road 64, both east and west," he said.

Bay News 9 Real Time Traffic Reporter Chuck Henson reached out to the state, and according to Florida Department of Transportation spokesman Robin Stublin, the agency just finished a traffic study of the area and is ready to make some recommendations to help.

"Based on the report, a roundabout is recommended at this intersection," Stublin said. "At this time cost estimates for both a roundabout and traffic signal are being developed."

The state has scheduled a management meeting Tuesday to discuss the intersection. They are anticipating a decision on the best way to help -- a signal or a roundabout -- will be made at that meeting.