A Bay area woman, who has lived more than a century, received a sweet surprise that will help her keep moving.

  • Woman gets lifetime bus pass for 103rd birthday
  • Barbara Rygiel received bus pass from Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority
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At least four days a week, 103-year-old Barbara Rygiel takes a late morning stroll to the bus stop where she waits to get picked up for church.

It’s a normal routine for a woman who is anything but average.

“If I tell myself I’m super, then I feel better. I get up in the morning and say, ‘Barbara, you’re super. So get up and do the work,’” she said.

Rygiel tends to a beautiful rose garden at the Lutheran Residences of South Pasadena where she lives independently.

She loves taking the bus but said the fees do add up.

To surprise and thank Barbara for being such a loyal rider, leaders of The Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority has given her a lifetime pass.

“It means everything to me. Look at how much I can save,” Rygiel said.

It is a birthday gift that will keep on giving.

“We are very proud to serve everyone in Pinellas County and certainly folks that are seniors, many who can’t drive or have limited availability to drive, rely on public transportation,” Brad Miller, CEO of PSTA, said.

Rygiel said every time she steps on the bus, she’ll be reminded of those who’ve helped her get there. She said she is now looking forward to the future and will greet each day with a smile.

“With this, it helps me greatly, so I appreciate you and you are in my prayers eternally,” she said.