One dog was killed and another dog was critically injured on Wednesday from the improper use of a generator inside a Hernando County home. 

  • Improper use of generator kills one dog, critically injures another
  • Generator left running inside closed garage; no one home
  • Dog likely killed by carbon monoxide fumes, fire rescue says

Hernando County Fire Rescue was called out to the home around 10:56 a.m. Wednesday due to a portable generator possibly being run inside a home. 

Officials said neighbors were pounding on doors attempting to help determine if anyone was inside the home. 

Fire crews forced entry into the home and found a generator running inside the garage with the garage door closed. 

They found two dogs inside the home, but no one else. The dogs were evacuated from the garage, officials said, and one was killed, more than likely from carbon monoxide fumes, fire rescue said. 

The other dog was still alive but required aggressive treatment by fire/rescue personnel. 

Crew will work with Hernando County Animal Services to care for the dog. 

Residents should be aware that generator usage is deadly if not used appropriately. 

Hernando County Fire Rescue has had two significant emergencies related to improper generator use during Hurricane Irma. A home was destroyed by a generator catching fire on Monday, Sept. 11. 

HCFR urges residents to follow manufacturer recommendations in the proper usage and placement of portable generators. Click here for safety tips