Two women face battery charges and are accused by authorities of beating the driver of another vehicle.

  • Alicia Nicole Scarduzio, Shelley Lyn Gamberling charged
  • Video shows woman driver beaten on road
  • Victim lost consciousness, Sheriff's Office says
  • Video embedded below. If you don't see it click here

A witness recorded the incident, according to the Pasco County Sheriff's Office, which released the video.

Alicia Nicole Scarduzio, 20, and Shelley Lyn Gamberling, 49, were placed into the Land O' Lakes Detention Center, the Sheriff's Office said Thursday morning.

The incident occurred Tuesday in Port Richey. Deputies said Scarduzio and Gemberling were seen "reaching through a vehicle of driver, grabbing the victim by her hair and neck, and pulling her out of her seat and through the window."

The victim, Emily Bailey, 19, fell to the ground, and Scarduzio and Gamberling punched her several times, authorities said. Bailey lost consciousness and suffered a broken nose.

According to Bailey, the incident started with her being cut off in traffic.

"I actually had to swerve into the grassy area, slam on my brakes and then I laid on my horn," Bailey said.

She then said the two women drove by her, cursing and yelling at her. They then stopped at the next red light and waiting for Bailey to drive up.

"Within a matter of seconds, both of them were at my window," Bailey said. "The mom's hand was on my throat choking me, the daughter's hand was on my hair and ripping me out of the window."

Bailey went on to say she's thankful that someone caught part of what happened on cell phone video. Otherwise, it would have been her word against the suspects'.

"When the deputy arrived, [the suspects] immediately pointed fingers at me and said I hit them first," she said. They were the ones who literally pulled me out of my car."

The incident is still under investigation.