TAMPA, Fla. -- As the thousands of children wait to be reunited with their parents, a Bay Area student is on a mission to help migrant children.

  • Bay area student invents bear to help migrant kids
  • Bear equiped with flashlight, water bottle, distress button
  • Stella Curry inspired to make bear after seeing photos of migrant kids
  • "Bear of My Heart" to go to National Invention Convention Competition

Young inventor, Stella Curry, has created a device to provide both comfort and survival for migrant children. The "Bear of My Heart" looks like an ordinary bear on the outside; but it is equipped with a flashlight, water bottle, and distress button. 

Curry was inspired to create the bear after seeing images of a young wounded refugee. 

"It was kind of that motherly instinct where I was like all that you want to do is help this kid and I want them to be safe," said Curry.

Curry's bear has earned her top recognition and she was selected to represent Florida at the National Invention Convention Competition. 

Tracy Zuluaga, Executive Director of the Bright Young Minds Coalition, says that this was a life changing experience. She hopes that the Invention Convention will encourage innovation education in Florida's schools.

"I hope ultimately that they learn they can do anything. That they can solve any problem and that there shouldn't be any barriers," said Zuluaga.

Curry has always considered herself an inventor and spent a year developing the "Bear of My Heart." But she admitted that she was a bit nervous about bringing her invention to a national competition among hundreds of young creative minds. 

"It really opened my eyes. My generation is really making a difference," said Curry. 

Curry says that with the "Bear of My Heart," she plans to make a difference too.