A Hillsborough County neighborhood was rocked Friday afternoon when a recycling collection truck exploded into flames.

  • Truck caught fire near 3400 block of Picwood Road
  • Residents said explosions before fire loud, frightening
  • Truck ran on natural gas; fire fighters had to wait for gas to run out

County fire officials said the truck was engulfed in flames near the 3400 block of Picwood Road around 3:45 p.m. Friday. 

The truck reportedly ran on natural gas and all four gas tanks had ruptured. As a result, though firefighters were able to keep the fire contained, they had to wait for the gas to run out before the fire could be put out entirely.

Residents of the neighborhood said seeing the flames was scary, but the explosions that preceded the fire were worse.

"I didn't hurry outside because I been around explosions before and it sounded bad," said resident Michael Pelaez. "It sounded louder than transformers that have blown up around here. I mean, the house even shook and I live five houses down from here."

No one was injured in the fire. Investigators are now looking into what caused the explosions.