DUNEDIN, Fla.-- The City of Dunedin will once again roll out a paid parking plan. But this time, city officials say they have taken into consideration public concerns and new pay stations will reflect that.

  • Paid parking re-implemented in Dunedin
  • City is asking for public's thoughts through Aug. 4
  • Parking on main street will continue to be free

"I think the community was under the misconception that the downtown parking plan was discontinued when in fact, in February of this year it was actually set aside where we re-implemented some of the guidelines," said City Manager Jennifer Bramley.

The announcement was made on the city's website, where Bramley personally told the public the new plan will be easier to understand and more user-friendly.

"We had license plate reader technology that the city acquired and the residents and visitors downtown felt that was confusing, that the display was not legible," Bramley said. "So we actually switched to a pay and display system."

The city is now looking for the public to weigh in.

Residents can stop by the Dunedin Library to test out four pay station models and leave feedback on each one from now through Aug. 4.

"We're asking them are they easy to use? Are they aesthetically pleasing?" Bramley said.

This time around, Bramley said the city will be scaling back the areas that will require paid parking to just three parking lots --meaning parking on main street and elsewhere will continue to be free.

For more information, visit to the city's website.