LAKELAND, Fla. -- When schools open in Polk County next week, a Lakeland school will become the first of its kind in the county. Crystal Lake Elementary will be a community partnership school.

  • Crystal Lake Elementary to open next week
  • Crystal Lake a community partnership school
  • School to serve students and residents

The school will have a health care clinic that will serve both students and local residents. There will also be lots of outreach to parents and the community.

“Most of the students here are walkers. They don’t ride the bus so they will be able to access the school as a hub for services," said partnership director Andrea Hagan.

She said partners include the school district, Central Florida Health Care, United Way, Southeastern University, and Heartland for Children.

Students from Southeastern University will help with student assessments, mentoring, and even some classroom instruction.

“It is super exciting because we are the first community partnership school and I say first because I expect we will have many more in years to come," said Hagan.

“I am over the top excited because when we meet the needs of these children that come to school ill or have something wrong with them, then when you meet that need they are going to be ready to learn and soar," said principal Kristan Fowler.