LAKELAND, Florida — The Lakeland Police Department has released video in connection with a shooting that involved a city commissioner.

The shooting happened Oct. 3 at Vets Army Navy Surplus on North Florida Avenue.

Lakeland City Commissioner Mike Dunn shot Christobal Lopez, 50, at the front of the business, according to investigators.

Police say they got the approval of the Polk State Attorney's Office to release the surveillance video.

Authorities say even though citizens may have strong feelings about what's depicted, they're asking for patience as the investigation continues.

The shooting happened Oct. 3 Vets Army Navy Surplus on North Florida Avenue. (Lakeland Police Department)

The video shows Dunn shooting and killing Lopez, who was trying to leave the store after stealing an item. Here is a timeline of what happened:

Lopez is caught on video concealing a hatchet in his pants.

Dunn, the shop owner, spots it, puts a gun in his waistband and walks toward Lopez.

Other camera angles are blurry but you can see Dunn waiting for Lopez by the door. There was a quick skirmish, and as Lopez tried to leave, Dunn grabs Lopez's shirt and tries to pull him back in before opening fire.

Based on the video, former prosecutor and current defense attorney Kevin Hayslett, who is not connected to the case, believes the Lakeland commissioner is in a lot of trouble.

"From the clip we have, without knowing anything else, it looks like it is a criminal offense," Hayslett said. "My guess is they'd be contemplating a manslaughter charge against Commissioner Dunn."

Dunn's seat sat empty at Monday's Lakeland commission meeting.

"The law specifically says you cannot, I repeat, cannot use deadly force to protect a property crime." - Attorney Kevin Hayslett

Fellow commissioner Bill Read says he hasn't seen the video and is trying to stay out of it.

"I haven't talked with Mr. Dunn. I haven't talked to the police chief, I haven't talked to the state attorney. I've purposely stayed free of this discussion if at all possible," Read said.

The Polk State Attorney's Office says it expects to make a decision in the case by the end of the week.

Hayslett said the Supreme Court ruled long ago that a business owner or employee cannot legally shoot a shoplifter.

"The law specifically says you cannot, I repeat, cannot use deadly force to protect a property crime," he said.

Dunn's attorney says he is going to let the investigation run its course before weighing in and hope it's resolved as quickly as possible.

Lakeland police released a statement that says it would not comment further on the case until the investigation is complete.

Dunn took office as a Lakeland city commissioner in January.