LAKELAND, Fla. — The mock assassination of President Donald Trump in a skit at The Polk Theatre in Lakeland has stirred up a lot of reaction.

  • Skit portrayed Hillary Clinton character killing Donald Trump character
  • Some audience members roared in approval
  • Polk Theatre has apologized for skit

The skit happened in pre-show before The Rocky Horror Picture Show film on Friday evening. Performer Ashley Khole Panic portrayed Hillary Clinton, and Nichole Stone portrayed Trump.

"There's a speech where I am talking about Puerto Rico, and you'll hear sirens, and Ashley comes out and kills me," Stone said. The Clinton character slashes the throat of the Trump character and "Trump" falls to the ground. 

In a video of the performance, the audience can be heard roaring in approval. But, not everyone was amused. 

The Polk Theatre posted a lengthy apology on its Facebook page. It said it didn’t know the skit would happen and said it was in no way acceptable. 

Many people posted responses to the apology. Some supported the skit. Others threated to no longer attend events at the theatre or donate funds. 

"I'm not sorry, and I shouldn't have to censor my art," Panic said in a Facebook video expressing fear of the president. "I'm angry because before this man took the presidency, I didn't fear what would happen to me if I went to the women's room to use the bathroom."

Stone also stood by the mock assassination.

"To some it's in poor taste," she said. "To some it's funny. There's all kinds of humor. Nowhere in the lyrics did we actually say to go out and kill the president or go out and kill anybody."

Stone said she didn’t believe in harming anyone.