BRADENTON, Fla. — Now that the election season has ended, a Bay area non-profit is asking for all those campaign signs that recently littered the landscape. 

  • Company helps reunite lost and missing pets with owners
  • Started by Patty Giarusso in 2013
  • Lost Pet Services, Inc. 

It's a recycling effort that is promoting another good cause - reuniting lost pets with their families. Lost Pet Services, Inc. is repurposing the signs in reaching people to help find lost pets. 

Patty Giarusso launched the company in 2013 and over the years, has reunited hundreds of lost and missing pets with their families. 

But, being primarily based online using social media, Giarusso said she still felt like they were missing a huge part of the population. So she came up with a plan to re-use the political signs. 

"It’s very emotional," Giarusso said. "I mean, even just talking about it, I get a little choked up.  

"We work a lot on the computer so when we’re watching and we see it happening everybody gets really excited about it and our followers and all of our members, everybody gets so emotionally involved."

Manatee County's Code Enforcement gladly handed over signs they've collected. Those are where most of the signs repurposed came from. 

Meanwhile, residents, business owners and general people have helped by donating signs.