PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. — Charisse Stinson, the mother charged in the murder of her two-year-old son Jordan Belliveau,  wants her newborn baby to be handed over to the child’s father.


In court documents filed Thursday afternoon, Stinson asked for her newborn baby girl, Serenity Stinson, be handed over to the child's biological father, Jordan Belliveau Sr., and his mother, Jessica.

Stinson writes that she gave birth December 22 at Bayfront Hospital under an alias. She said hospital personnel denied the fact that her child was at the hospital.

In the letter, she said she authorizes any and all medical and custodial decisions, care, and custody be given to Jordan Sr. and his mother. She asks for the father and paternal grandmother to be given immediate, full custody of Serenity.

As of December 24, the child was still at the hospital. An attorney for Jordan Belliveau, Sr. said Serenity should be with him.

Adoptive parents waiting? 

A court document filed by Jordan Sr.’s attorney lists a related adoption to this case. The document says there was premature action by the adoptive parents filed before the child was born.

However, the document does not list who the prospective adoptive parents are — only that the adoption case was filed in Hillsborough County.

Jordan Sr.’s attorney also filed documents saying paternity has been established showing he is the newborn’s father. In the filing, it says Jordan Sr. should have been placed on the newborn’s birth certificate at the hospital, and that the child was given his last name, Belliveau.

But in the letter Stinson filed with the courts Thursday, she lists the child’s last name as Stinson.

Awaiting trial

Officials with the Pinellas County Sheriff’s office said Stinson was escorted from the jail to the hospital last Friday. She returned two days later and is currently behind bars awaiting trial for first-degree murder.

Stinson is accused of hitting two-year-old Jordan, causing him to hit his head and have a seizure. Police said she didn’t seek treatment for the child and he died.

Stinson reportedly then dumped Jordan’s body in a wooded area near the Largo Sports Complex. She’s also charged with lying to police, telling them a stranger giving her a ride to drop off her son knocked her out and took off with the toddler.

That story sparked an Amber Alert and days of searching for the child.

Difficult family history

Both parents have had a history of legal trouble. 

Stinson and Jordan Sr. both lost custody of Jordan, Jr. when he was a few months old. Reports show Jordan was removed from the home after reports of violence, gangs, and drugs at the home where the parents were living.

Documents also show child protection investigators said the two-year-old’s living conditions were described as "hazardous" and that those living conditions "seriously endanger the child's physical health."

Eckerd Connects officials said Jordan was returned to his parents because they had created a new home, and the "hazardous" environment was no longer an issue. They regained custody of Jordan, Jr. a few months before his death. 

Since the toddler's death, Jordan Sr. has been arrested twice.

We reached out Child protection Investigators, Eckerd Connects and DCF for comment on this story. All said no comment, citing confidentiality.