TAMPA, Fla. — The start of 2019 is going to be rough for the owners of Pine Key in Tampa — better known as Beer Can Island. 

  • County deems structures on Beer Can Island unsafe
  • County says island needs to be rezoned if structures stay
  • Inspection set for mid-January

Four friends bought the small island a year ago for $60,000 as a place to store their floating tiki barge. Now, Hillsborough County says some of the structures there are in code violation. 

The bar is pretty much part of the island, along with an event stage, campground, and volleyball net. 

Hillsborough County said those additions are in code violation, since there are safety concerns. 

"Obviously if you're not zoned to do that, you're not legally able to do that, and you do it anyway. You've not been inspected, you haven't been signed off, building inspectors, things of that nature, electrical inspectors, inspections have not happened, there's a risk involved," John Paul Lavandeira with Hillsborough County Code Enforcement said.

The key sits near MacDill AirForce Base and become known as Beer Can Island after trash was always left behind by boaters, which the previous owners failed to clean up. 

The island has no roads, power, or drinking water, but the new owners want to make it a place the community can enjoy. 

The county said it just needs to be done the right way. 

"Go through the approval process. Once you do that, you're no longer in violation. We're out of the picture and the case is closed," Lavandeira said. 

Bay News 9 has reached out to the owners but have not got a response. 

An inspection date has been set for mid-January.