LUTZ, Fla. — No politics, just helping people. 

A church in Lutz is helping furloughed workers feed their families.  

Pastor CJ Johns Sr. with Father & Son Love Ministries in Lutz says they will be providing a weeks worth of lunches and dinners for those federal workers impacted by the government shutdown.

The impact of the shutdown, the longest ever, continued to ripple across the nation as it stretched into its 32nd day Tuesday. The previous longest shutdown was 21 days in 1995-96, when Bill Clinton was president.

Meanwhile, Father & Son Love Ministries is preparing the food for distribution every Friday at Noon at the church through the shutdown and even 30 days beyond that time to help families that are hurting.

The outreach has the entire family in mind and even has all the trimmings for a child's birthday party.

"Any little thing we can do is one small pebble to making that family whole," said Johns. "While they are going through this tumultuous time."

He says the church is apolitical "but apolitical doesn't mean we can't help each other, we are all Americans."