PINELLAS PARK, Fla. — Another holiday movie is filming right here in the Bay Area. 

  • Bay Area film company shooting Christmas movie in Pinellas Park
  • Movie called "Elfette Save Christmas"
  • Watch trailer here

It’s called “Elfette Saves Christmas” and stars Quinton Aaron, known for his role in The Blind side. 

On Sunday, the film crew used De Sesto Italiano in Pinellas Park to shoot several scenes. 

The filmmakers chose the location due to the restaurant’s authenticity. 

Owner Sesto Ramadori says he was honored to have the movie film there. 

“Watching what’s been going on here locally with movies is exciting to see. Maybe what’s happening in Atlanta could happen here. It’s great for the economy and Tampa Bay in general,” Ramadori said. 



Christian Cashmir is the writer and director. He is also the CEO of LiteWave Media in St. Petersburg and filmed all around the Tampa Bay for the movie. 

In the movie, Quinton Aaron plays Santa, who is kidnapped by the mob. According to the trailer, it’s up to one of Santa’s elves, Elfette, to save the day. Elfette is played by St. Petersburg actress and filmmaker, Brielle Carter.   

Cashmir says he’s hoping to have the film done by this Christmas. He's not sure yet where it will be shown.