TAMPA, Fla. — A Navy Seal who has had two dozen surgeries over his 30 years of military service has a prominent role in this year's Warrior Games in Tampa.

It's a remarkable story of determination and recovery.

U.S. Navy Commander Clay Pendergrass knows the struggles resulting from debilitating injuries all too well.

He nearly died last may after complications from a spinal infection.

"I lost all my spinal fluid in about 20 minutes. (It) hit the floor," he said.

It is amazing how far he's come in a year. The father of three just stopped using a cane in January.

Now, in his first Warrior Games, he is a team captain and is participating in the archery and swim competitions.

He just picked up a bow this March for the first time since his teenage years.

"I'm good enough, but I'm probably the anchor on the team,” he joked.

For these athletes, it's not so much about perfection but about resilience and accomplishment.

The Warrior Games run until June 30.