HOLIDAY, Fla. — A few weeks after Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a new law that further helps veterans get Accelerated Resolution Therapy, or ART, a local nonprofit gave Spectrum Bay News 9 a look at how the therapy works.

Veterans Alternative is located in Holiday and aims to helps veterans and their families cope with PTSD. The nonprofit is expanding, and will be opening a new location in Tampa over the next few months.

At the current location, veterans come for a week-long program where they undergo various therapies, including ART.

"I've never had therapy that was as effective as this one," said Richard Latour, a Vietnam veteran. He attended the organization’' program this week and tried ART for the first time.

He says by Friday, he was experiencing less anxiety, depression and fewer nightmares and flashbacks.

During the therapy, the veterans follow the hand of the therapist with their eyes and they think about a traumatic experience. Then the therapist guides them to think of a positive experience and replace it with the negative one. 

"All the physical and emotional reactions basically fall off and it's a permanent thing," said Elizabeth Bowman, an ART Therapist at Veterans Alternative. 

Latour has this message for other veterans considering the therapy: "At least give it a chance. It doesn’t cost anything so what do you have to lose?"

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