LAKELAND, Fla. — Lakeland man Danny Baggish will be heading to London in December to compete in the world dart-throwing championship after winning the North American dart-throwing championship in July. 

  • Daniel Baggish is the North American dart-throwing champion
  • He's now headed London in December to compete in the world competition

Baggish developed a love for darts from his dad Daniel. 

"Yea, my dad got me into it when I was about 13 years old," he said while throwing darts at Wally's pool hall on East Main Street. 

Danny's dad told him he would allow him to compete in tournaments when he could beat him.  Two years later he finally beat his dad. 

"Then I went to my first dart tournament which was in Panama City Beach," he said. "I won the singles."

Baggish said he could easily win small tournaments without a lot of practice, but he started to get very serious about the sport a couple of years ago after he saw other people winning real money and picking up sponsors. 

"I can compete with anyone I feel like," Baggish said. 

The grand prize for the world championship in London is more than $700,000. 

Baggish is sponsored by Target, which is a dart company, Dart Brokers, 8Flight, and Defiance.