PENSACOLA, Fla. — The year 2004 is one Florida will never forget when it comes to hurricanes.

Charley, then Frances. Ivan, then Jeanne.

Spectrum Bay News 9's Erin Murray recently traveled to the Panhandle where 15 years ago Monday, Ivan hit that area and Alabama, killing 25 people.

Pensacola and Pensacola beach are known for the white, sandy beaches, ever-flying blue angels and quirky downtown. In this area, it's hard not to find smiling people and enjoying life. 

But living in paradise comes with a price.

"In my family, we are like pre-Opal, post-Opal, pre-Ivan, post-Ivan," said resident JJ Waters. "That is how, that's kind of how we separate our lives."

Waters said Hurricane Ivan permanently changed many people's lives. People in the area still talk about Ivan 15 years later.

Pensacola Police Officer Mike Woods shared several 911 calls that echoed the panic and destruction when it hit.

"That is the toughest part, 911 calls coming in like crazy asking for help and we just simply couldn't respond," said Officer Mike Wood.

For 11 hours, Ivan pounded Pensacola from the evening into the morning.

"In the middle of the night is when we realized that all hell was about ready to break loose," said former Pensacola journalist Kimberly Blair. Blair is now a public information officer for the Gulf Power Company.

Ivan changed everyone in Pensacola, and from the eyes of a cop, a former journalist and homeowner, September 16, 2004, is a day they can't escape.

Use the video above to watch the full story from Erin Murray.