TAMPA, Fla. — A well-known Tampa attorney may soon be suspended from practicing law.

  • Jose Toledo is subject of more than 30 investigations
  • Court dockets show clients haven't tracked him down since March
  • Affidavit suggests he may be living in Miami area
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Jose Toledo is the subject of 31 open investigations by the Florida Bar.

There are complaints that he abandoned his practice and failed to distribute settlement funds to clients.

On October 18, the Florida Bar filed a petition for emergency suspension in the Florida Supreme Court.

In the petition, the bar says, "Toledo appears to be causing great public harm."

There are currently 31 complaints against Toledo — ranging from unpaid settlement funds, lack of communication, and failing to protect clients' interests.

Further documents show bar investigators have been looking into those complaints since August.

Investigator James Monroe states he's visited Toledo’s office on Hoover Boulevard every week - but it's been closed every time.

Spectrum Bay News 9 cameras have captured many of Toledo's clients looking for him since July, though some complaints listed on the court docket show some clients haven't been able to track him down since March.

Despite his extended absence, Hillsborough County court records show he was only evicted from the space in September.

Additional county court records paint a picture of a man potentially spiraling into debt and other legal troubles.

Complaints filed against Toledo in state court last fall and early this year are still pending by two banks and a credit card company.

Altogether, he allegedly owes more than $100,000 in debt.

Records show there are currently two arrest warrants out for Toledo. One of those is in Hillsborough County.

No one knows exactly where Toledo is, but the affidavit mentions he may be living in the Miami area.

If the Florida Supreme Court approves the petition, Toledo will be suspended until further notice.