NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. — A teenage girl was struck by a car in New Port Richey and was airlifted to a hospital as a trauma alert. 

  • Teen girl hit by car in New Port Richey
  • She was airlifted to a hospital as a trauma alert
  • Residents say narrow sidewalk is partly to blame

The accident happened around 10:45 a.m. Monday morning on Madison Street. 

Residents believe a narrow sidewalk on a busy street is at least partly to blame. 

New Port Richey resident Eadie Ramirez lives off of Madison Street and rushed to the scene. 

"We went running over there and the girl's laid out on the concrete and the lady's talking to the, the lady that hit her is talking about, 'oh, is she on anything?' And then saying, 'oh, she stepped off of the sidewalk,'" Ramirez said. "Nobody really knows exactly what happened except for those kids." 

Pasco County Fire Rescue says the teenage girl suffered from a head injury and was flown to a hospital as a trauma alert. 

Residents say this is the second student to be struck by a car on Madison Street this year.

"It's a dangerous road," neighbor Kari Unger said. "These are our kids and they need to be protected."

Ramirez agrees that speeding is a problem on the busy street. 

The resident says she was talking to the victim moments before she was struck by the car. Ramirez says the teen was walking back to Gulf High School.

Residents say there were three other teens that were walking with the girl at the time. 

That teen's identity has not yet been released and because of that we don't have an update on her condition. There's also no word yet on who was to blame for the accident.