HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. — Linda Walker is taking her past and turning it into a better future for others. 

  • Woman uses past to create better future for others
  • Linda Walker the Program Director at Hillsborough House of Hope
  • House of Hope a faith based transition shelter for women

Walker has been the Program Director at Hillsborough House of Hope for over 20 years ago. House of Hope is a faith based transition shelter for women. 

The nonprofit is committed to providing support systems to women coming out of correctional institutions.  And Linda has walked that walk. 

Years ago she ended up in jail after abusing drugs and alcohol.  There she met a volunteer named Margaret Palmer. 

"She would always say to me, 'there's hope for you little girl,' and so she always gave me that feeling of hope," Walker said. 

Palmer also told Walker that someday she would open a house for women like Walker.  And in 1998, Palmer opened Hillsborough House of Hope with Walker by her side. 

"We help them with employment, we help them work on their mental health issues. We help them work on anything as fas as substance abuse or alcohol abuse," Walker said. 

A main focus now is the search for a residence for mothers and their children. 

Walker has been honored over the years for her work including receiving the F.B.I.'s Directors Leadership Award from James Comey. 

"Someone gave to me freely and I try to give back to these women as freely as I can. So that if I can do it, they can do it," she said.