MANATEE COUNTY, Fla.  – After three years of searching, one Minnesota woman will be reunited with her dog, "Day-Day" after reading this viral article on social media. 

“I saw the beer can, and I knew it was her,” owner Monica Mathis said. 

The dog Day-Day was one of the four shelter dogs chosen to be advertised on Motorworks Brewing in Bradenton in hopes to find them forever homes. 

Turns out Day-Day already had a family, who called her Hazel. 

“I believe this was fate,” Mathis said. 

Mathis says she lost her dog in 2017 in Iowa. 

Mathis claims she lost the information to update her dog's microchip information and looked for her dog for months. 

Now living in Minnesota, she lost hope of finding Day-Day, until she saw her on a beer can online. 

“I am so happy she’s okay” Mathis said. “I can’t wait for her to come home."  

Manatee County Animal Services is working to transport Day-Day for free. 

“This story is one of the best we’ve seen,” Manatee County Animal Services spokesperson Hans Wohlgefahrt said.