GULFPORT, Fla. — At last! An election in 2020 where no matter who wins, everyone's happy!

The City of Gulfport is looking to elect its first pet mayor — who it will be is up to you!

  • Voting is open for Gulfport's first pet mayor
  • Dogs & cats are running for the position
  • Funds raised will help community organizations

The pet election was organized by the Gulfport Historical Society. From a cat that lives on a sailboat offshore to dogs that go to work every day along Beach Boulevard with their owners, it's a packed field of different candidates. 

While only one of the dozen pets/candidates will become the city's "mayor," the election itself is raising money for community organizations.

"We hope that it raises money for rescue and we hope it raises money for the society. And if it gets people to think about registering to vote, we support that," said Cathy Salustri, President of the Gulfport Historical Society.

Each vote costs $1. The proceeds will be split between the historical society and Rescue Pink, a nonprofit that spays and neuters animals.

“We are a warm and inclusive community and we really do support pet rescue," said Salustri.

The election is being held ahead of Gulfport's Get Rescued festival and fundraiser on February 22. That's when the winner of the election will be announced.

Voting ends Saturday. You can learn more about the candidates and cast your vote here