MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. – What’s the use of virtual school if you can’t get online? That is the question that school leaders in Manatee County have been racing to answer.

The School District of Manatee County has set thousands of students up with devices to take home in order to complete virtual school. Students who do not have wifi available to them at home were asked to register with the district to receive a hotspot. Soon after, district leaders found themselves with double the amount of wifi hotspot requests then the amount they had ordered.

In response, the school district decided to wire roughly 50 school buses with internet. These buses will serve as roaming hotspots for students.

Starting April 1, students can come to a number of locations across the county to complete their classwork by using free wifi from one of the school buses.

While many locations require students to stay outside, some churches and community centers have opened their doors for students.

At each location, students can log onto a password protected network. A technician is on hand to help students if any problems arise and there will be a chaperone at each location.

Here’s a list of the site locations as of April 1. As more buses are added, more locations will be available: ​