Just in time for spooky season, the historic May-Stringer House in Hernando County is opening its reopening its doors for some fun frights.

Guests will experience some spook and a lot of history. The historic home, built in 1855, is one of county’s focal points. 

“This is one of three locations owned by the Hernando historical museum association,” ghost tour director Bonnie LeTourneau said.

And, every year, hundreds – even thousands – of people make the drive up for a little startle, even Bay News 9’s Katya Guillaume got a little scared. 

The museum is taking every possible COVID-19 precaution, though. Getting sick isn’t part of the experience.

“We only take reservations. That way we can control the parties coming in. We do not mix parties, so if you have anywhere from one to five people – maximum five – they have to be all one group,” LeTourneau explained. “We sanitize everything that anyone could possibly touch before they come in and after they leave. We go through and do door knobs and handrails.”

That includes the kitchen and even the most haunted part of the house – the hospital room.

The museum will be open noon-3 p.m. Thursdays through Saturdays.

Ghost tours are offered in the evenings by appointment only.

You can schedule you spooky experience here.